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UpFrost deployed

I open-sourced and published today this java persistence library that I've been developing and using for some months now. Although I started working on it after switching from hibernate to something lighter for a project where memory footprint was an… more »


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Benchmarking Gandi, OVH, Slicehost, and Linode VPS

I thought about VPS benchmarking when I was looking for a new server, and found out that Gandi was providing a lot of useful information in their benchmark page, and they used this UnixBench program to evaluate the processor-equivalence of their shares.… more »


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Scary fact: 1 java class out of 70 is a Node!

The other day, I happened to use one of my classes that manages preferences (from a property file). Pretty common, I know. So common, that eclipse popped up the completion window with 11 (eleven) possible classes with that very same name. The class name… more »


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Jdbc Jutsu Saves Heap Memory Against Wicket's Stateful Ajax

Hey, I hope Quentin Tarantino won't steal my title and make a movie out of it! Anyway, the Wicket's implementation of Ajax is so good that I just stopped using anything else to make my web client communicate with my server. There's this one thing howeve… more »


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Tomcat, JSessionID, and subdomains...

Imagine you're developping a web site that manages subdomains for your users, in such a way that all your users automatically get a or subdomain. In order to keep the normal session available on all… more »

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